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Class Contacts

Class of ‘63: Susan Burns-Campbell and Judi Bassett-Wagner

Class of ‘64: Carol Georgeff-Gross and Barb Walder-Chuppa 

Class of '65: Vic DiAngelo (P), Donna Antonelli (VP), Debby Caves (S), Donna Costanzo (T). Reunion Contacts: Joe Dagata, Linda Reik-Brown

Class of '66:

Class of ‘67: NO CONTACT INFO! Class Officers: Tom Gartman (P), Dave Parrish (VP), Sue Schwan (S), Sharon Koster (T)

Class of ‘68: Class Officers: Oliver Cromwell (P), John Belskis (VP), Bonnie Stybel (S), Pat Lohmann (T).  Reunion contact:  Mary Lear.

Class of ‘69: Class Officers: G. Hrfenya (P), R. Shorts (VP), A. Fields (S), S. Smeal (T). Reunion Contact: Stan Basista.

Class of ‘70: NO CONTACT INFO! Class Officers: Greg Chizmar (P), Mark Jicha (VP), Jan Barber (S), Cindy Zizka (T).

Class of ‘71: Class Officers: Joe Tegreene (P), Linda Patterson (VP), Mark Adams (T), Jan Meyer (S)

Class of ‘72: Class Officers: Randy Patterson (P), Meg Meakin (VP), Shawnee Stryzcek (T), Leeann Robers (S). Reunion Contact: Cookie Kral-DeSouza

Class of ‘73: Class Officers: Sam Pace (P), Darlene Ban (VP), Barb August (T), Claudia Mohnacky (S). Reunion Contact: Cathy Anelli-Solomon;

Class of ‘74: Class Officers: Chuck Skerya (P), Carl Schanz (VP), Dominic Ricchetti (T), Monica Olszewski (S); Reunion Contacts: Linda Licardi,

Class of ‘75: Class Officers: Jeff Hrenya (P), Mary Dobeck-Kiczek(VP), Tammy Cherniv (S), Athena Ehlert (T)

Class of ‘76: Class Officers: Rick Schuerger (P), Ann Zimmerman (VP), Laura Jesensky (S), David Bickel (T). Reunion Contact: Laura Laclede

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Class of ‘77: Class Officers: John Gaul (P), Amy Murar (VP), Gail Stewart (S), Mark Horvath (T)

Class of ‘78: Class Officers: Chuck Laulette, Connie Ilko

Class of ‘79: Class Officers: Tim Dobeck (P), Mike Vadini (VP), Linda Ripepi (T), Karen Horvath (S)

Class of ‘80: Class Officers: Mike Smith (P), Keith Kolke (VP), Margie Brysac (S), Dolores Henning-Martin (T).

Class of ‘81: Class Officers: Anne Bucholz-Pierce (P), Brian Fowler (VP), Carolyn Kovach (S), Kathy Wasovich-Gregeric (T).   Reunion Contact:  Ken Kuczma at

Class of ‘82: Class Officers: Michelle Sako (P), Leslie Ritter (VP), Anne Dobeck (S), Peggy Harubin (T); Reunion Contact: Marilee Dillon-Macaski

Class of ‘83: Class Officers: Duane Funk (P), Karen Martinez, Lisa Needham, Ann Clark.

Class of ‘84: Class Officers: Doug Hill (P), Laura Pietryzycki (VP), Sue Brickman (T), Lisa Park (S).

Class of ‘85: Class Officers: Ken Pietryzycki, Dan Ezel, Darlene Tvorik, Karen Griglak, Kathy Tedeschi; Reunion Contacts: Christine Barrows-Spinner and Jen Hoskin-Grosel

Class of ‘86:Class Officers: Steve Spinner (P), Wendy Doane (VP), Kris Peffer (S), Anne Barr (T)

Class of '87: Margaret Anderson

Class of '88: Class Officers: Michelle Soltis Frygier (P), Karen Kruszynski (VP), Michelle Dagata (S), Chris Craddock (T). Reunion contact: Michelle Soltis Frygier

Class of '89: Class Officers: James Hanna (P), Erin Murphy (VP), Sharon Kissel (S), Tina Vichosky (T);

Class of '90: Class Officers: Roby Vicek (P),
Melissa Matzek-Lundgaard (VP), Monica Kish-Roveri (S), Jennifer Flaherty (T).

Class of '91:
Class Officers: Scott Stitt (P), Amy Tomon (VP), Michelle Kadelski (T), Kristie Federinko (S). Reunion Contact:  Hallie Brown-Goll

Class of '90: Class Officers: Roby Vicek (P),
Melissa Matzek-Lundgaard (VP), Monica Kish-Roveri (S), Jennifer Flaherty (T).

Class of '91:
Class Officers: Scott Stitt (P), Amy Tomon (VP), Michelle Kadelski (T), Kristie Federinko (S). Reunion Contact:  Hallie Brown-Goll

Class of ‘92: Class Officers: Thomas Hanchuk (P), John Jakovcic (VP), Julie Denk (S), Steve Bass (T); Reunion Contact: Janet McGee-Messinger

Class of ‘93: NO CONTACT INFO! Class Officers: Jon Zanders (P), Dave Pace (VP), Heather McGlynn (S), Greg Svitak (T).

Class of ‘94: Class Officers: Dennis Wolan (P), Dave Chaky (VP), Greg Harubin (S), Tony Karam (T); Reunion Contact: Stacey Steinfadt-Jennings, Steve Novak

Class of ‘95: Class Officers: Nick Rudy (P), Matt Krajiniak (VP), Jamie Frasolak-Harubin (S), Julie Bethlenfalvy (T).

Class of ‘96: Class Officers: Mike Snider (P), Tim Spinner (VP), Lyndi Sarges (S), Jonathan Sweet (T); 1996

Class of ‘97: NO CONTACT INFO! Class Officers:  Alex Johnson (P), Lisa Hopp (VP), Andrea Kowalchik (S), Sara Thompson (T).

Class of ‘98: Class Officers: Beth Koch(P), Mark Ferguson (VP), Brian Bethlenfalvy (T), Christine Gregorio- Froelich(S)

Class of ‘99: Class Officers:  Brad Wolters (P) ,
Anthony Lear (VP), Chad Osinski (S), Eddie Collins (T)

Class of ‘00: Class Officers:  Marty Mazanec (P) , Jonathan Buchwald (VP), Lara Kowalchik (S), Marie Lear (T)

Class of ‘01: Class Officers: Carl Felice (P), Beth Lawson (VP), Terri Donofrio (S), Jayna Panchal (T).

Class of ‘02: Class Officers: Tina Simecek (P), Sheena Thompson (VP)

Class of ‘03: Class Officers: Lauren Majewski(P), Joe Gutkoski(S)

Class of ‘04: Class Officers: Pamela Donofrio (VP)

Class of ‘05:Class Officers: Rebecca Gulcin (P), Sandy Eid (VP), Amanda Zazzara (S), Jessica Katsiroubas (T)

Class of ‘06: Class Officers:  Taylor Ruprecht, Mallory Fitzsimmons, Hayley Rudnicki, Stephanie Towers

Class of ‘07: NO CONTACT INFO! Class Officers:  Danny Toon (P), Doug Devine (VP), Ashley Baldygg (S), Leslie Gress (T)

Class of ‘08: NO CONTACT INFO! Class Officers: Andrea Sobieski (P), Amanda Czalkiewicz (VP), Hallie Doi (S), Jessica Stang (T)

Class of '09: Class Officrs:  Faith Dickinson (P), Josh Westfall (VP), Bolisa Hang (S), Brittney Matuschek (T)

Class of '10: Class Officers: Jason Kosura (P), Derek Paxson (VP), Jillian Goltl (S), Patricia Abrudan (T), Julianne Janosko

Class of '11: Class Officers:  Leno Piperi (P), Nick Bartelme (VP), Megan Rosa (S), Shayna Matousek (T)

Class of '12: Class Officers:  Rae Jaffal (P), Alexandra Costanzo (VP), Jackie Deming (S), Laura Hang (T)

Class of '13: Class Officers:  Kim Oswald (P), Latasha Wagner (S), Fiona Greller (T)

Class of '14: Class Officers: Nick Maglic (P), Taylor Gardner (VP), Sarah Wetzel (S), Khory Katz (T)

Class of '15: Class Officers: Joe Yurik (P), Amanda Bower (VP), Charles Kennick (S), Gleni Kodra (T)

Class of '16: Class Officers: Dustin Nelson (P), Emmalee Petkac (VP), Alexis Cooper (S), Alexis Rollin (T)

Class of '17: Class Officers: Matt Stang (P), Jasmine Wilson (VP), Gabriella Maniaci (T), Mackenzie Lauter (S)

Class of '18: Class Officers: Lillian Nelson (P), Xin Lian (VP), Emily Lando (T), Maria Bobrowski-Artola (S)

Class of '19: Class officers:
Sabina Cirstoiu - (P), Christian Mukumbane - (VP), Megan Kiewel - (T), Emilee Tancak - (S),

Class of '20: Class officers:
Olivia Nelson - (P), Arie Lopez - (VP), Victoria Perevosnik - (S), Jordan Anthony - (T)

Class of '21: Class officers:
Andrea Guerra - (P), Emily Beckner - (VP), Nina Nedeljkovic - (S), Bella Messina - (T)

Class of '22: Class officers:
Alaina Nelson - (P), Sana Khan - (VP), Zaina Al-Taher - (S), Treasurer - (T)

Class of '23: Class officers:
Mariah Torres - (P), Jovana Maletic - (VP), Lena Frate - (S), Tanner Greene - (T)

Past Reunions

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The Valley Forge Alumni Association provides names, class monies and data updates to each authorized class reunion committee for the purpose of conducting their class reunion. Once these monies and data have been released to the class reunion committee, the Valley Forge Alumni Association is no longer responsible, nor can we be held liable, for the distribution of the money or class information.

The Valley Forge Alumni Association will not distribute directly any money or data to any third party "reunion company" hired by an authorized class reunion committee. Any money or data released to a "reunion company" by an authorized class reunion committee will become the responsibility solely of that committee.

Requests for the release of monies, and data for the purpose of conducting a class reunion must be submitted in writing with the notarized signatures of at least two class officers or two of the persons on the previous class reunion committee who conducted their class reunion and are now recognized as the authorized representatives of that class.